About Me:


I’m a middle class average Joe who is 43 years old. I had my first Back surgery when I was 22 after a motorcycle incident. 2 years in therapy, surgery, rehab and more therapy I got better and slowly got stronger but I have never been pain free for one day since then.

I was a truck driver for a living until recently, sitting in a bouncy truck 12 or more hours a day. And In my free time I ride Motorcycles. These two things probably don’t help me any with my pain and arthritis but that’s my life.

I am a single father who found himself with too much time on his hands so I started studying and working online building little websites. I started with just a FB group then a blog, then a forum for all my Trucking friends who are always spread all over the country. Now I’m here building these review sites.

I love to travel internationally now after seeing the whole USA for the last 22 years trucking. I have friends all over the world who I like to go visit and explore. I am in love with the Asian countries and one day after I’ve raised my son to be a man and get him out on his own I plan to retire to a tropical island somewhere in the south pacific.

I hope like my site and more importantly I hope it helps someone, that would be very satisfying for me.

Thank you all for taking the time to read this and spend a few moments of your life here with me.